VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe II Review: Best Weightlifting Shoes Under $100

The VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe II is a solid budget priced shoe that provides what you need to give you lower body support for your Olympic style lifts. For under a hundred dollars, the VS has been referred to as ‘the poor man’s oly shoe’. Don’t expect this shoe to last forever, but do expect it to do the business in the medium term.

Features of the VS Athletics Shoe

  • Leather upper and sole plate with hard rubber material on the bottom of the shoe
  • Two hook and loop straps over laces for added support
  • Leather reinforced rubber sole
  • Size 10 heel height of 3.3 cm, midsole = 2.8 cm, sole = .5 cm
  • Reinforced heel cup

The VS Weightlifting Shoe provides an impressive level of rigidity for the user. They provide double straps to secure your feet in place, minimizing the lateral movement which can potentially throw your lift off balance.

The sturdy soles don’t compress under a heavy load. When you wear a pair of VS shoes you will be able to go deeper into your squats, while feeling less pressure on your knees. The peace of mind you’ll receive from the enhanced stability will translate to extra poundage on the bar.

Pros and Cons of VS Weightlifting Shoe

The VS is well constructed, with sturdy, rigid design all round. They will work for you consistently for at least a year’s worth of multiple weekly training sessions, and likely more. Despite the raised heel, the VS feels completely natural. Even in the rigidity of design, the shoe is still comfortable to walk around in. That means that you can wander around the gym without feeling constricted in either the heel or toe..

The Double loop straps allow you to strap up really tight to ensure that there is absolutely no lateral movement of the foot during either the eccentric or concentric portions of the lift. The loop straps are reinforced with hooks for even more foot security.

The shoe fits snugly and runs true to a half size large so prepare accordingly. Because your foot is pushing off a stable hard raised platform, there is no give in the heel. They are very comfortable and will improve your posture from the moment you slip into them. The insole provides a surprising level of comfort in it’s own right.

The VS Athletic Weightlifting Shoe is a serious training aid for Olympic lifters. As such, it is not built for looks. Some people, in fact, have referred to the look of the shoe as ‘ugly’. While we wouldn’t go quite that far, the VS Athletic doesn’t feature the colourful, glitzy look of many other more expensive alternatives. That, though, is part of it’s appeal. Wearing the VS Athletic makes a statement – let everyone else fixate on cute colors and swooshy logos, I’m here to lift some heavy weight!

The loop straps on the VS Athletic are a little too long – if you tighten them the ends will drag on the floor. Many buyers end up cutting them shorter for ease of use.

Why This Weightlifting Shoe by VS Is the Answer

If you’re serious about your lifting, that old pair of running shoes, or even your cross trainers, won’t cut it. When you’re running and jumping, compression is your friend. But when you’re doing Olympic style lifts, it’s your enemy.

The hardened raised heel and the rigid fit of the VS Athletic remove the instability that comes with compression, allowing you to drive your heels into the ground and find that explosive force that will transfer straight up and into the weight. That means that you be able to lift more to get the best from your weightlifting shoe – and be a lot safer doing it!


The VS Athletic Weightlifting Shoe is fantastic value for the money. While you’re having to fork out in excess of $200 for comparable models from other companies, you can pick up a pair of VS Athletics for less than half of that.

We’ve already mentioned that you won’t get the most stylish looking pair of shoes for that investment, but we’re betting that’s not your main concern. If your after a pair of weightlifting shoes that will give you the rigidity and heel height to feel confident while lifting more one very Olympic movement, then this is the shoe for you.

VS Athletics are a California based supplier of sporting equipment supplier. In addition to weightlifting shoes they provide track and field, cross country, soccer, volleyball and training items.

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