Vox amPlug Review: Best Mini Amp Under $50

Vox amPlug is a great sounding, feature packed, value for money offering from Vox that is perfect for taking on the road or practicing in privacy.


Genuine tones. The AC30 for instance, sounds like the real thing. Equally good for both clean and distorted tones. Responsive like a tube amp.


Vox pack a lot of features into this small headphone amp. Each Amplug model provides three amp modes and 9 selectable effects.


At just under $50 (at the time of writing) the Vox Amplug series of headphone amps represents extremely good value.

  • Authentic tones
  • Extremely portable
  • Auxiliary in for connecting independant devices.
  • Affordable gift idea at just under $50.00
  • Doesn’t handle high volume terribly well
  • Tone control is a little over sensitive
  • Black writing on black plastic isn’t terribly legible.

Vox’s vintage style and commitment to tone over bells and whistles is always a winner in our books, but how does the Vox amPlug Guitar Headphone Amp, a headphone amp that fits in the palm of your hand fit with this great brand? Check out the full Vox amPlug review below.

Surprisingly Authentic Tone

Rest assured, for a headphone amp that allows you to practice anywhere the range of amPlug plug’n’play amps are real winners.

Most who have reviewed Vox amPlugs give them two thumbs up and are genuinely surprised just how authentic the tone really is. The AC30 for instance sounds as close to the real thing as you could possibly imagine for a head phone amp.

The difference here is the analogue circuitry, no digital at all to be found and you can really feel the difference in response. The amp brings out the nuances in your playing and feels a lot closer to the real deal than you might expect.

Having said that, once the volume exceeds 80% you will notice things start to break down.​

Enough Features to Keep you Busy for Hours​

Vox really have packed a ton of features into this tiny headphone amps. With each amp containing 3 amp modes and 9 effects including three different types of reverb, delay and chorus.

I was fortunate enough to own one of the first series and it’s obvious Vox have really improved upon the initial release. For instance, while the amPlug is at home on any guitars with side input jack. If you play a strat attaching the amPlug to the guitar is not terribly easy. however Vox have solved this problem with the foldable plug that now rotates 180 degrees allowing for the amp to be suitable for any guitar.

The battery time is rated at 15 hours but you really start to notice a difference when the batteries run down a little (two AAA‘s required). Rechargeable batteries (or a backup set) is crucial to getting the best out of this amp.

The only real downside is the build quality as the amPlug is constructed from plastic and looks a little cheaply made.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in a range of tones including: Classic Rock, Metal and VOX AC30
  • AUX in jack: CD / MP3 player
  • Consists of 100% analog circuit (no digital and you can really hear the difference in response)
  • 3 amp models
  • 9 built-in effects (3 X reverb, 3X chorus and 3 X delay)
  • Aux in
  • Headphone out (of course!)

Dimensions & Weight

  • ​7 x 1 x 5 inches
  • 3 ounces

Customer Feedback

The Vox amPlug is a real winner with consumers, so it; hardly surprising that the majority of reviews are extremely positive. ​ Below are some examples provided by customers who own the product:

I’m kind of shocked at how versatile the controls are and how good it sounds for blues, jazz, funk, 60s (Cream, Hendrix), and 70s (Zeppelin) rock.

For the price and the amazing quality I give it 5 stars and will definitely recommend it to all my friends.

I love this thing !! I will agree with the other reviewers in that it is kind of cheaply made. It is predominantly plastic, but if you are not rough with it, that should not be an issue.​


We have been fortunate to review some great sounding equipment of late, including the Pignose, Bugera V5 and the The Orange Micro Crush and while there are obvious differences The Vox AC30 sits right alongside them as far as quality goes and at under $50 represents tremendous value.

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