The Cuisinart CPT-440 Review: Best 4-Slice Toaster Under $100

Things have changed a lot in the kitchen over the past few decades. The variety and features in common kitchen appliances have advanced a long way, and the toaster is no exception. And in 2019, the Cuisinart CPT-440 is by far one of the best toasters available. You might look at the price tag and say $80 is far too much to pay for a toaster, when you can get a much cheaper one that will more or less do the same job. Although that’s true, the fact is that many toasters JUST do the job to a minimum standard. And there are a lot of important details that add to the overall experience and end result. The Cuisinart may be just a little pricey but it definitely delivers what it’s worth in that extra price. And considering how much toast is a part of daily life it is worth investing in something that does the job properly.

One of the very first things you will notice about this toaster is that it completely lacks the pull-down lever. Instead, it’s button operated, once the button is pressed, the toast is carried in via a motorized base that lowers automatically. And it’s carried out the same way when it finishes, with a beeping sound that will notify you when it’s done, similar to a microwave.

Aesthetically the toaster is very pleasing to the eye. The exterior is made of brushed stainless steel with a nice luster. And it also comes in a very special red edition that has a red metallic front which we believe is one of the best looking toasters out there. The toaster’s buttons and setting display is all blue light LCD which really gives it a modern, and premium look.

The toasts are done very evenly across the surface of the bed. The toasts are also equally well done on either side. None of that one side being brown and the other black thing. You can expect nice even toasts on both sides. And, it is fairly quick as well, you can expect one toast to be done within 2 to 3 minutes at the most.  The toasting speed allows the toast to be extra crispy on the top, which is great!

The toaster comes with three settings, each with its own button, and those are; the bagel setting, clearly for bagels; the defrost setting, once again self-explanatory, and the very very useful reheat setting. The bagel setting is great, you won’t have to use a pan anymore, the toasters slots are thick enough to accommodate even the thickest bagels and it toasts bagels very well. A fresh cream cheese bagel from this toaster makes great breakfast. We’ve also tested English muffins on the bagel setting, and found that it works wonderfully for it. The reheat setting is great, forgetting your toast in the toaster and having it end up cold is one of the most common problems with toasters. Especially for busy people who need toast in the morning. The reheat setting works great to just reheat the toaster, without burning it further.

Although the Cuisinart CPT-400 is a 4 slice toaster, it is controlled two slots at a time, meaning the left two slots are controlled independently of the right two slots. So if multiple people are using the toast then each can make toast to their own favorite setting. The settings available for toast, go from 1 to 7. Setting 1 being nothing but a mild warming of the toast, to 4 which is a nice golden brown, all the way up to 7, which could be used for something like a frozen pop-tart right out the freezer. It can be used on artisans, bagels, pop-tarts, waffles… It really handles all of them very well.

People have questioned whether the motorized feature is more prone to failure, being electronic. But this has never been a reported problem, the toasting mechanism is very reliable and works consistently.

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