Syma S107G Review: Best Indoor RC Helicopter Under $25

On March 16, I purchased a green Syma S107G on Amazon. I received it on March 22, a day before my birthday. I had two purposes in buying this little RC heli. First of all, I wanted one. Second of all, I wanted to write a Syma S107G review because it is a very popular indoor RC helicopter.

What Comes with the Syma S107G

Inside the box, you will find the Syma S107G helicopter itself, a three channel infrared controller, a replacement rear rotor blade, a USB charger cable, and a user manual.

The Syma S107G Dimensions

The fuselage on the Syma S107G is about 7 inches long. The little helicopter stands at about 4 inches tall. Its main rotor is about seven and three-quarter inches from end to end.

How Many Channels Does the Syma S107G Have?

The Syma S107G is a three-channel helicopter. This means that you can move it up and down, forward and backward, and you can rotate it left and right. Once you get used to the controller, you can fly the Syma S107G with a fair amount of precision. Plus you can hover the S107. However, you cannot slide the helicopter sideways left or right. If you want to be able to slide your helicopter sideways, you’ll have to get a 4-channel helicopter like the Blade mCX or Blade mCX2.

Flight Review of the Syma S107G

It’s durable. The Syma S107G seems to be a very durable indoor RC helicopter. I’ve crashed it countless times, and it’s still going. All the main plastic parts — the canopy, the blades, the flybar, and the tail fins — are made of some very tough and flexible plastic.

It’s stable and easy to fly. The Syma S107G is very stable and very easy to fly — once you get used to the throttle, that is. The first few times you fly it, you’ll likely give it too much throttle and slam it into the ceiling. Or just before you crash it into the ceiling you will reduce the throttle too much and have it crash to the floor. But after about 10 or so flights (or crashes), you’ll probably be able to control it pretty well. Once you do get the hang of it, it’s a dream to fly. It is easy to trim out the rotation.

Problems with the Syma S107G

None, really. Except that after a week, I’m starting to get a little bored of it.

Conclusion of My Syma S107G Review

It’s a great little starter helicopter. Much nicer, in my opinion, than the 2-channel AirHogs Havoc Heli I had years ago. It’s has already provided more than $20 worth of fun for me. It has left me wanting to try out a nice 4-channel heli (I really want to be able to slide my heli left and right). My favorite things about the Syma S107G is how easy it is to fly and how durable it is. I hope that you found my Syma S107G review helpful.

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