Summer Infant 3D Lite Review: Best Lightweight Stroller Under $100

If you want a stroller that looks great, is loaded with features, is both strong and comfortable for your baby, look no further than the Summer Infant 3D Light Convenience Stroller. This is basically an umbrella stroller at its core, but it offers so much more than the average umbrella stroller. It does fold up into a super compact piece to allow easy storage in almost any space, but it has lots of padding, deeper sides, and a large sun canopy along with plenty of carry space.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Description

Safety, power and durability are some of the highlights that make this very portable stroller a dream for parents who want both transportation ease, lightweight portability and comfort for daily use and travel. Some of the features of the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller that put it on the list of the best lightweight strollers include:

  • 5-point safety harness
  • Anti-shock design
  • Lockable rear wheels
  • 4 position recline
  • Large sun hood
  • Storage basket and rear pocket
  • 12-pound weight
  • 3D fold
  • Convenient carry strap

A fully reclining seat that has 4 positions for just the right recline position for your child is a great feature for babies on the move. It allows for comfort during long outings and the complete recline makes it easy to change babies and keep them comfortable as well as being great for nap time without slowing down. A big storage pouch in the back gives parents lots of places to put necessary items like phones, wallets or toys, and a big under seat basket lets you bring along all of the necessities a baby needs without adding to your burden.

A one-handed folding mechanism makes putting the stroller away or packing it into a trunk or cargo space a snap, and very large sunshade adjusts into several positions to protect your little one from harmful UVA rays. The canopy is rated for 99.9% protection, and it is large enough to fully shade the child in any seat position. Along with adjustability, the canopy also comes off completely for those times when it isn’t needed.

Another attractive aspect that makes this stroller a hit is the possible color choices. While the main body of the stroller is black in all options, the sun shade canopy comes in black, green, tangerine, pink, blue and yellow.

Is the Summer Infant Lite Convenience Stroller Right for You?

The Summer Infant Lite stroller is great for people who want a lot of luxury, comfort and durability for longer trips outdoors and long-distance traveling. It will keep your baby comfortable for long periods of time and offers a lot of storage space to keep the items all babies need on board. It is very portable, and lightweight, and for times when you have to carry the stroller, it has an accompanying shoulder strap. It does fold easily, with only one hand, and one foot, but it is still bigger, fully folded, than a super light umbrella style stroller.

What it offers in extra protection makes it worth the little bit more bulk. The biggest benefit, besides the comfortable seating and multiple positions, is the very large canopy. The adjustable shade gives you plenty of options for keeping the baby cool, and protected from the sun. The rear wheels lock when you want to keep the stroller in place. The front wheels swivel and are equipped with an anti-shock system that makes the ride smooth and fun for the baby.

A 5-point harness provides the protection that all parents want to ensure safety, and it is harder for a toddler to release than a 3-point. If you want a stroller that will provide a great experience on even the longest trip, as well as for short errands, this may be one of the best you will find. If you only need a stroller for quick trips to the store or short walks around the block, it may be too big for your needs.

Even though this is a great stroller for babies and toddlers, it isn’t as useful for newborns who aren’t able to sit up on their own. However, using an infant support or a rolled towel can make it possible to use this great stroller even from the first day.

Thoughts on the Summer Infant Lite Convenience Stroller

This is my favorite stroller for doing everything from taking a walk around the neighborhood, going shopping or traveling across country. It really can do everything, and make it easy on me while still being able to keep my hands on my baby while dealing with folding and packing. It doesn’t have as many storage pockets or trays as some other bigger lightweight strollers, but it does have a handy cup holder to keep a bottle or even my own drink. There is just enough storage space to let me have the things I need on hand when I need them, although the under seat basket is a little difficult to get at with the seat in the reclined position.

I’m average height, and at five foot seven this stroller is perfect for me. My husband is a little on the tall side at just over six feet, and it is comfortable enough for him to push, but after an extended period, he does feel it in his back a little. I like the 5-point harness, because I don’t have to worry when shopping or running errands that my toddler will be able to wiggle out and take his own walk around the store. The design is attractive, and I like how durable and strong the fabric is. It is definitely strong enough to last for years of use.

It is easy to toss in back of the car or in a trunk, and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry down airplane aisles or up the stairs.

Pros and Cons of the Summer Infant Stroller

Nothing is perfect in every way, but the Summer Infant comes really close. It is very light, and easy to carry. Even parents living in apartments that require going up flights of stairs won’t have a problem carrying this along with their child. It’s simple to operate, and it offers great seat adjustability. The canopy is one of the largest on the market in the lightweight stroller category, and even equals most full-size prams for protection. It offers plenty of storage, and is well padded. Because of some of the bulkier options, it doesn’t fold in as completely as a true umbrella stroller if you need one that will slip into the very smallest spaces, but it compensates by being stronger, more durable and better padded than those slimmer umbrella strollers.

The single downside of this stroller is that it isn’t self-standing. That becomes a problem when having to set it aside in the folded position while packing up the car or dealing with a squirming child. It is something that can be worked around by leaning it up against a car or other support, but it would be nice if it were stable enough in the folded position to stand on its own.


This is an umbrella stroller on steroids. It has far more power and is more luxurious in spite of its low luxury stroller price. It is sleek looking and will give you and your baby hours of pleasure. The basket and pouch offers lots of storage.

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