Sole F80 Review: Best Folding Treadmill Under $2000

Review of Sole F80 Treadmill

The new Sole F80 treadmill now offers more space and power than the previous model. Now, it is equipped with a 9″ display and allows conveniently using your tablet computer during training. By purchasing this fitness machine, you will exercise in a fun way. The size of the running surface is 22″ x 60″, which makes this treadmill comfortable for most users. Thanks to a 3.5 CHP motor, it can be used for running and jogging. Better fitness results can be achieved with power incline that may be up to 15%. This treadmill also comes with a reversible deck, which increases its longevity. You will also enjoy a 40% reduced impact compared to outdoor surfaces.

The new F80 treadmill has 10 preset programs and allows each user to design his/her own workouts. They are displayed on a 9″ screen, and thanks to synchronizations, trainers can also check it out on their smartphone or tablets. The Bluetooth connectivity is also available and can be used for a range of tasks, such as using Fitness mobile app compatible with most Android and iOS-powered devices. This means that you can watch your favorite movies, check out news, or watch or read other interesting content while training. You can also store your fitness data in a single place, which is very convenient. It is possible to sync the Sole Fitness app with MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and other fitness programs.

You can easily fold the Sole F80 Treadmill to save some space at your home. The deck will gently fold upward after you toggle a switch. The position of the treadmill is safely locked, which is especially important if there are children in your house.

What Are Main Advantages of the Sole F80?

Parts of High Quality

Sole treadmills are designed with many quality parts, which ensures the durability of the fitness machine and allows you to enjoy more comfort while using it.

Powerful Motor

The model comes with a 3.5 CHP track motor, which is suitable for walking, running and interval training.

Foldable Frame

It is very convenient to be able to fold your fitness machine when it is not in use. The F80 Treadmill comes with this option thanks to the foldable frame. You need to spend the least of efforts to reposition the treadmill. It is also protected by a lock mechanism.

Large Track

The Sole F80 comes with a pretty spacious track. Its dimension is 22″ x 60″, which makes this model the largest in the series. The track is two-ply, which ensures its durability. It is paired with high-quality 2.75″ rollers that guarantee quiet operation and the least of stress on the motor.

Great Cushioning

The deck of the model comes with CushionFlex which helps avoid excessing endurance on sensitive joints. It also reduces the level of noise during training. The cushioning is able to reduce the impact on joints by around 35-40% if compared with regular outdoor surfaces. The deck is reversible, which increases its longevity.

Preset Workouts

There are 10 workout programs, but you can also set your workout manually for weight loss, cardio training, and toning muscles. It allows creating and storing profiles of two trainers. Thanks to a scrolling message center, you will find the needed information easily.

Great Display

Workout programs and your progress are displayed on a 9″ LCD, which is one of the best options among Sole’s models. There is also a secure holder allowing you to use your tablet computer and run a health data tracking app. At the same time, you can run other apps for entertainment or for support.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The handrails come with pulse monitors, and it is also possible to use wireless chest straps for checking your heart rate.


The Sole F80 Treadmill comes with the Bluetooth, which means that you can sync it with other devices. It is very easy to use the app to choose programs, download workout data, and more. It cannot be used for audio needs. Among other extras available in this model are cooling fans, 2 bottle holders, and tray for accessories.

Safety Lanyard

You can use a cord to stop your fitness machine if you lose balance. There is also a stop button that can be used for the same purpose.

Decent warranty

Sole provides great warranties for its products. The F80 treadmill comes with one-year coverage on labor, a five-year guarantee on parts and electronics, and lifetime warranty for the frame, deck, and motor.

Bottom Line

The Sole F80 is a great fitness machine available at about $1,999, which is not the lowest price on the market, but the treadmill is worth your investments. It is somewhere in the middle between F63 and F85. The fitness machine comes with high-quality parts and lots of exciting features.

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