ProForm Pro 9000 Review: Best Treadmill for Home Under $2000

Review of ProForm Pro 9000

If you are looking for a reliable treadmill for home use, you should check out the ProForm Fitness Pro 9000. It comes with a 4.0 CHP, a 10″ HD touchscreen, Android browser, and a range of other great features. Thanks to iFit Coach, you can enjoy interactive training. Not only can you access various effective workouts, but you can also surf the Internet while training. It is a foldable treadmill, so it will not take much space at your home when not in use. An electronic incline can be set from -3 to 15%, which allows you to enjoy better fitness results and realistic outdoor training experience. A sound system is compatible with iPod and comes with 3″ speakers.

If you are a serious runner, you will be satisfied with the Pro 9000 treadmill. Moreover, it is a good choice for several people sharing one household, so it is great for families. You can enjoy intensive training because this machine is equipped with the powerful Mach Z Commercial Plus motor, which is also used in treadmills designed for marathon training.

If you are fine with less heavy training, you can opt for a cheaper alternative equipped with a smaller motor, for instance, the Pro 2000.

The price for the Pro 9000 treadmill is slightly under $2000, but it is possible to find an attractive discount. The last time, the price for the treadmill was nearly $400 less, which made it one of the best offers available on the market today.

Features of the Pro 9000 Treadmill

Good Display

The treadmill comes with a 10″ HD touchscreen that allows you to surf the Web while training. It is one of the best display technologies in fitness machines available this year.

Powerful Motor

The model has a powerful 4.0 CHP motor, which is great for running long distances, interval training and, generally, for using the fitness machine frequently.

Large Track

The workout surface of the Pro 9000 is pretty large (22″ x 60″). It is more spacious than standard tracks for runners. This allows any trainer to enjoy enough elbow room and taking longer strides.


Treadmills with inclines/decline options give more opportunities to users because they allow replicating outdoor conditions and increase endurance, which, consequently, improves fitness results. Pro Series treadmills incline ranges from -3% to 15% incline and can be adjusted with buttons on electronic controls.


Thanks to ProShox cushioning, you can exercise safer if compared to running on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete because it can reduce the impact on joints by up to 28%. This is an air-based system, which means that an air chamber compresses to absorb impact when you step down.

Helpful Workout Programs

With the ProForm treadmill, you will find it easy and convenient to choose the needed workout program. All in all, you will find about 40 different training apps with automatic setting of incline/decline and speed.

The following are available categories:

  • Calorie;
  • Distance;
  • Speed;
  • Intensity workouts.

It is also possible to choose a random mode or enter the settings manually.

iFit Coach Available

It is a subscription service that will cost at least $9 per month. You can enjoy running iFit Coach on a 10″ touchscreen using the wireless Internet connection. One of the best things about it is virtual outdoor training experience that you can enjoy by using Google Maps technology. You can set a route and then train experiencing all of its highs/lows. Once Google Street Views are available, you can see them on your display. Among other benefits of iFit Coach are the following:

  • Wireless stats logging;
  • HD video library;
  • An option to download new workouts.

Foldable Frame

The Pro 9000 takes much space when unfolded, but if you do not need to use it, you can easily fold it to free floor space. Thanks to shock-assist, you can put the deck into a vertical position, and you can gently drop it back when you are ready for training.

Heart Rate Monitors

There are two different heart rate monitoring systems available in the Pro 9000 Treadmill. You can either choose wireless telemetry with a chest strap (it is included) or grips located on the handlebars.


Listening to music is one of the best actions that you can do during your training. This model comes with 3″ speakers and iPod-compatible port.


This treadmill is sold with a lifetime warranty on the motor/frame, a five-year guarantee on parts, and a two-year service agreement.

Bottom Line

Since the price for the new Pro 9000 has been recently significantly reduced, it is now one of the best options available for training at home. It is perfect for runners with different needs, including those who belong to elite marathoners. The fitness machine comes with iFit compatibility but no subscription is required. If you are looking for a great treadmill for more than average fitness needs, but you do not want to pay lots of money for a commercial fitness machine, you should consider purchasing the ProForm Pro 9000.

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