Otomix Stingray Review: Best Wrestling Shoes Under $150

When it comes to lifting weight or wrestling, performance is key. Our bodies are essentially fragile pieces of equipment and the wrong pattern of movement can cause serious problems. That is especially so when it comes to the power moves like squats and overhead presses.

During those moves there is a huge amount of force coming through the feet. And, unless those feet are provided with adequate rigidity, support and angling, you are in danger, not only of lifting sub-maximal weight, but of doing yourself some serious injury.

In order to achieve what it needs to allow your feet to work maximally during Olympic style lifts, you need a pair of shoes that are specifically designed for the job. Unlike conventional training shoes, Oly weightlifting shoes are extremely rigid, providing lateral and medial support. They also tend to have a raised heel to allow for ideal positioning when squatting. In contrast dead-lifting and bench pressing shoes require a flat sole and level heel, to keep your feet as close to the surface of the floor as possible.

Features of Stingray Escape Weightlifting & Grappling Shoe

Otomix are a popular brand of sports shoe, providing specialist footwear for a range of athletic application since 1998. Over that period, they have been creating speciality shoes for weightlifting, with the Otomix Stingray being their flagship offering. These Otomix shoes are extremely lightweight while providing a fantastic level of support and stability. The range of motion is also extremely impressive.

Otomox Stingrays, which were originally designed as wrestling grappling shoes, are especially good as a deadlift shoe. The shoe provides an extremely flat sole

In addition to being very light, the Otomix Stingray is extremely flexible. This makes it remarkably comfortable, despite not providing much padding. The sole consists of a thin black strip of rubber. With soles this thin, you don’t want to do any running or cardio in these shoes. But that is not what they are designed for. The softness and pliability of the Otomix Stingray makes it a good fit for light plyometrics and calisthenics.


The Otomix shoe is very soft. In fact, it is almost like a house slipper. At the same time it is very strong and rigid. The Otomix Stingray is not designed as a squat or overhead lift shoe. Being flat heeled, it does not provide the elevated lift required for ideal squat positioning. Also, the high top design means that, if you do decide to squat in this shoe, you will have to unlace the top two eye-lits.

What it is designed for is dead-lifting. In that move you want to be as low to the floor as possible and that is what the Otomix shoe provides. It will grip you securely to the floor, providing the confidence that you need to pull some heavy iron off the ground.

The Stingray is also a great bench pressing shoe, allowing you to push through the floor in order to generate maximum power for the lit.

This shoe is also a great fit for general weight training moves in the gym. It is constructed of a canvass fabric combined with leather. You will be able to wear in the shoe quickly, allowing for maximum fit and comfort.

The Otomix Stingray comes in a range of colours to fit any personal style. It fits really well, in contrast to other Otomix shoes, such as the Versa Pro Trainer, which generally fit a half size too large.


The construction and material used in the Otomix Stingray means that, after 7 or 8 months, they will become very flexible and lacking in support. They will still be very comfortable to wear, but will be extremely pliable and soft.  They’ll also still feel good when you are lifting weights. However, when you are performing deadlifts, you need a tight fit on your feet. After 8 months, you might need to invest in a newer pair in order to regain the rigidity and support that your current pair have lost.


The Otomix Stingray shoe is a cheap and versatile multi-purpose weightlifting shoe. While not designed for squats and overhead presses, it will prove more than adequate for all of your other iron pumping requirements. In addition, it will do the job when it comes to your calisthenic and light plyometric work.

These shoes will allow you to feel the ground beneath you, while still providing all of the stability and rigidity that you need to give you peace of mind while lifting heavy. Just don’t expect them to last forever.

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