KitchenAid KCO273SS Review: Best Toaster Oven Under $300

The KitchenAid KCO273SS Digital Convection Oven is a well thought off product that has been developed with the customer in mind. It is manufactured by KitchenAid; a company that started way back in 1919 when the iconic Stand Mixer was introduced and has consistently produced and developed world class products since then.

The company prides itself in being the only brand name that exclusively makes things for the kitchen; continuously paying attention to detail, timeless design, quality craftsmanship and versatile technology so as to ensure that all the products produced are functional, reliable and easy to use.

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It is a professional countertop oven that comes with a total of 9 pre-programmed functions and offering superior precision heating in the process; this gives users a wide array of dish options to choose from. It does use the state of the art technology aptly named the ‘Even Heat Technology’ to ensure consistent and reliable baking and heating performance.

On the other hand, the convection distributes the required heat around the food for faster cooking and pre-heating times. It has soft grip plastic knobs which turn with a very audible click that clearly indicates the desirable setting that you are looking for at any given time.


It has an exterior dimension of 18.25 inches, depth of 15.75 inches and height of 11.5 inches. It does weigh around 18.75 pounds on its own even though it has shipping weight of 27 pounds. It is thus quite bulky when shipped but quite manageable after being unpacked and ready for use.

Size and Capacity

This digital convection oven can handle 6 slices of bread at once and easily take in a 12 inch Pizza in its pizza rack without touching the sides. It also has an internal capacity of 0.6 cubic feet. Its interior has a width of 12.75 inches, height of 7.5 inches and a depth of 12.5 inches. The height from the floor to the ceiling without the racks is around 6.5 inches (which is also the door’s height).

Cooking Options

This Digital Convection Oven uses 1800 watts of power a frequency of 60Hz and a voltage of 120 VAC. It has nine (9) cooking functions which include an optional defrost or convection. These are following: Asado roast, bake, broil, bagel, cookies, pizza, bagel and keep warm and reheat settings.

Ease of Use

Since the oven has a nonstick interior it is quite easy to maintain, making its overall maintenance simple and easy. The cleaning process is a breeze, irrespective of the amount of food residue present in the oven. The racks, pan and tray are all dishwasher-safe.

Included Accessories

The oven comes with a 12-inch nonstick pan, a 12-inch grilling rack (which you can also use for pizza), a removable drip tray and a removable cooling rack.

Customer Reviews

This KitchenAid countertop oven only has over 300 reviews, but most of them are all in praise of this quality appliance. Some customers remarked that this is perfect for those living alone, or those who have a small family and doesn’t require the use of a full-sized oven regularly. One happy owner remarked that this stands out among other toaster ovens that are often small and lacking in quality. Overall, reviewers were happy with this well-made, high-quality toaster.

Pros & Cons


The KitchenAid KCO273SS Digital Convection Oven has been reported to operate and work quietly. It does not generate a lot of noise like its counterparts. When in use, it does not give off a much heat as other ovens do, the exterior therefore does not get unnecessarily hot. It provides the functionalities of a full sized oven at the countertop; quite a rarity in this market segment. This makes the oven really stand out from its competition.

It is also worth noting that the digital display is much easier to read and understand, the readings are quite legible even from a distance and the feeling controls are of a much higher quality too. The digital convection oven does preheat pretty fast too. It is also worth noting that by default, the oven returns to its last settings of temperature and time when in use.


One of the major disadvantage of this oven is its size; for a countertop, it does occupy a relatively large space when compared with other available ovens; but for those who don’t have an issue with space it will work just fine. Another disadvantage is the single color option that it comes in; it can only be found in one color finish which is stainless steel. Also, it’s advanced settings can be too complicated to set-up for some people.


As one of the latest introductions in the countertop market segment this oven combines new cutting edge technology and required functionalities with reasonable ease, in the process giving owners a reliable and easy to use oven. Compared against other toster ovens, this one stands in good stead as it is affordable, reliable and works as expected. For those who want to enjoy the functionalities of a standard oven at the countertop level, this is the product to buy.

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