Honeytone Mini Amp Review: Best Guitar Mini amp Under $25

The Danelectro N10BK Honey Tone Mini Amp is a great looking and very light weight portable practice amp that can easily clip on to your belt buckle or in the palm of your hand!

It’s light on features which you might expect in such a small package and consists of a volume control, tone, overdrive, headphone jack and belt buckle.


For the price, it’s difficult to really criticise the sound quality but realistically, once you set the volume past approx. 50% it does start to break up, and past 80% is a no-go zone. Having said that, there are plenty of opposing views from other owners who are very pleased with the sound quality which suggests the speakers may vary in quality from item to item.


The Honeytone has everything you would expect (Volume, Tone, Overdrive) along with a belt clip and headphone jack. Surprisingly it also comes with a real leather handle.


At just under $25 (at the time of writing) the Honeytone N10 represents extremely good value.

  • Surprisingly loud
  • Extremely portable, with real leather handle.
  • Headphone out and overdrive
  • Looks very slick and makes for a an inexpensive gift
  • Sound quality does tend to break down a little after the amp is turned up past 5
  • Power adapter not included
  • A limited number of complaints of the amp not working immediately after purchase

The Honeytone N10 is an extremely affordable mini amp that looks particularly slick with retro stylings. Read our detailed Honeytone mini amp review below for more information including product specifications, customer feedback and pros and cons.

Value for Money

It’s hard to really fault a mini amp that costs less than​ half a tank of petrol. At under $25 (at the time of writing) you really do get a lot of bang for your buck.

The controls are as you would expect for an amp that is so affordable and feature volume, tone and overdrive. It also happens to be very loud, deceptively so considering it’s another very small amp.

You also get the benefit of a headphone out, which is very much a necessity in an amp of this size as the tiny speakers wont take a great deal of punishment.

It would be great to see an AC adapter included but at this price it’s not a show stopper and not to be expected.

Nice Retro Design

The Honeytone N10 really is a great looking little amp and as a decorative element certainly has some wow factor.​ It’s plastic obviously, but looks very slick all the same. You can choose from a range of retro color options including: Aqua, Cream, Black and Burgundy.

The controls are as you might expect and the LED battery indicator isn’t as reliable as you might expect but the leather handle is a surprising bonus that adds to the overall retro feel of the amp.

Features and Specifications

Power: one-watt
Overdrive and Clean modes for dual tone settings
Comfortable leather handle
Comes with a belt clip for wearability and portability
9 V battery or optional power adapter​

Dimensions & Weight

​6 x 3 x 6 inches
15.2 ounces

Customer Reviews

Generally speaking, customers are very pleased with the Honeytone N10 and pleasantly surprised by both the volume this amp produces and it’s retro looks. Below are some comments taken from Honeytone N10 owners:

I love the retro style. I could unhook the guitar cable from it and have it displayed on a shelf and it would still look great.

At $20, I considered this along the lines of those 3-channel r/c helicopters, little engineering marvels priced so low as to almost demand to be purchased. And for $20 it delivers.

The color and the vibe are really cool. However, in terms of sound quality and actually using the product, I tried many different configurations and unless you connect this to a sound system or headphones, it sounds horrible.

This small item packs a big sound. Works great, shipping was fast and the price is right. Great experience all around.

It’s fairly loud, but very difficult to dial in. If you don’t have the volume/distortion on your instrument and the amp just right, you’ll get nothing but harsh static and popping. Once you get it in the right spot though, it has a nice vintage rock sound.


Danelectro may not be one of the elder statesmen of Guitar Amplification but they have cornered a good niche of stylish portable practice amps such as the Danelectro N10BK Honey Tone Mini Amp. If you are not too serious about tone and just really value the portability of a practice amp, then this might just be what you are looking for. At under $30 (at the time of writing) it doesn’t have a lot of competition with the exception of the Vox Amplug at just under $40.00 which does not include a speaker.

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