Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller Review: Lightweight Stroller Under $100

Only a few lightweight strollers meant to fold up for easy storage are also compatible with newborns. The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller not only has a padded head guard for infants who are not able to sit up on their own, it is compatible with the Graco Click Connect car seat so it eliminates all of the hassle of going from car to stroller with a new baby. That doesn’t mean this is just for newborns. This stroller is great for babies and toddlers alike, and even the older riders will enjoy the padded headrest for extra comfort on the ride.

Choosing a stroller is one of the big three decisions parents have to make. There are so many options available, and the comfort and safety of their precious new babies is at stake. Choosing a stroller that is strong, durable, well-padded and offers many seat positions will help ensure your child will be happy on their journeys with you. It is also important to look for safety features like padded but secure harnesses, strong framework and well-functioning wheels. Along with that, parents are a part of the equation as well. Nothing is more aggravating than heading out for a fun family outing only to be sore from pushing an unwieldy or obstinate stroller, or not having room to carry the important supplies without carrying more on your back.

The Graco LiteRider has it all under control, and caters to baby safety and comfort, and parents will love it too. It has a lot of features that make it one of the best lightweight strollers on the market today.

Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller Description

You’ll be amazed at how many wonderful features the Graco LiteRider has, and how sturdy it is. Here are just a few of the benefits included:

  • Compatible with Graco Click Connect car seats for quick and easy transitions from car to stroller
  • Weighs only 17 pounds
  • 40-pound capacity
  • Cup holder and parent tray
  • Child tray and cup holder
  • Easy access basket
  • Molded footrest
  • Dual front wheels
  • Shock absorbing front wheel construction
  • Large sun canopy
  • Reclining seat
  • Infant head support roll
  • One hand folding mechanism
  • Luxurious padding and infant roll padding
  • Comes in three color combinations, Bottlecap, Marco and Zuba

Right off the bat, parents will appreciate the ability to transfer a newborn from the car to the stroller without actually moving them out of the car seat. The Graco LiteRider utilizes a one click apparatus that is compatible with Graco Click Connect car seats so you won’t have to disturb your baby as you travel or shop.

Add that to the many luxury features including heavy padding on the seats and a well-constructed head roll for infants that turns into a great head rest for older children, this stroller is made for comfort. It’s comfortable for parents too. The hand bar is at a height that is comfortable for people of almost any height, and it is well padded for a soothing grip that won’t tire your hands and arms on long outings.

Dual wheels on the front give the stroller a smoother, more reliable ride, and the construction of the frame and wheel assemblies is strong and durable. The large sun canopy is adjustable to offer as little or as much shade as you want for your baby, and it has a handy peek-a-boo window so your baby is never out of sight. The seat has a sturdy 3-point harness for easy use with older infants and toddlers, and when used with the Graco car seat it has a 5-point harness for newborns.

The LiteRider folds quickly with one hand, and folds down in a flat profile to store easily in a truck or overhead compartment. It is easy to carry from the handle, a doesn’t take up much room in the trunk. It fits conveniently into airline overhead compartments. The child tray with bottle or cup holder snaps on and off quickly, and there is a very large under seat storage basket for all of baby’s accessories. The storage basket even drops down to provide extra room for large diaper bags or big toys.

The stroller comes with a parent tray with two deep cup holders is set right in front of the hand bar. This beautiful stroller has luxury written all over it, and it comes in three attractive color combinations as well. The Zuba is one of the most popular with its whimsical zoo animal shapes on the seat and lime-green canopy trim and head rest. The Marco is black with a grey seat and red trim on the canopy and on the head roll, and the Bottlecap is black with a grey trim and red scalloping on the inside of the canopy and head roll.

The wheel assembly makes this one of the better strollers on the market as well. Dual front wheels attached to a spring suspension for a quiet, easy to maneuver ride that is silky smooth will keep both you and your baby happy on long walks and trips.

Is the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Right for You?

The Graco LiteRider is perfect for families that spent a lot of time traveling, or out of the house. It isn’t as compact as a typical umbrella stroller for parents with tight storage spaces at home, or who will need to carry the stroller up and down large flights of stairs. While it is certainly lightweight, at 17 pounds it is about 7 pounds heavier than a bare-essentials umbrella stroller, and when you’re carrying it, every pound matters.

However, you can’t beat the price for a stroller that has so many excellent features, and will be comfortable for both parent and child on long trips, or when they spend a lot of time out of the house. The huge storage, extra padding, one-handed folding mechanism and both parent and child trays make it a winner.

Pros and Cons of the Graco LiteRider Click Connect

There are many things to love about the Graco LiteRider Click Connect stroller. I find it hard to fault it in most areas. The only issue I did have with it is that the child cup holder is too small for some larger, rounder bottles. The seat also only reclines fully, or sits completely upright. I would like a few positions in between on long trips. It only comes with a 3-point harness on the actual seat, and I would prefer a 5-point harness on the stroller itself as well for added safety. There is a conversion kit that is available to make it a full 5-point harness.

Even with those couple of areas that could be improved, it is a fantastic stroller that is reliable and offers plenty of comfort at a great price. It is rugged and I believe it will last for years.


The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Zuba stroller is a very reasonably priced lightweight stroller with a lot of heavy-weight features. You’ll pay more for other comparable strollers in this category, but you won’t get a better value. The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller is a great stroller for parents who want versatility, luxury and affordability.

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