FoodSaver v3835 Review: Best Vacuum Sealer Under $1000

Tired of seeing your money go down the drain every time that you have to throw food away? It is quite a painful experience. With the harsh economic times, every penny that you can save counts and in this instance, throwing food away or having to visit the grocer shop every time you need to put together a decent meal does not sound like a very smart idea. However, with a good vacuum sealer, you can be able to save yourself the time and the money of having to go to the grocery store every time and also save on fuel and at the same time, those left overs do not have to find their way into the trash can. To achieve this, the Foodsaver V3835 vacuum sealer is the one thing that you will need.


There are a number of features that this vacuum sealer has to offer which makes it a must have in virtually every kitchen other than is quite appealing looks that blend perfectly with most themes that you might come across.

Understanding the need to save you space on your counter but still remain a valuable asset, the V3835 comes in a compact and vertical design that is capable of offering only the best and ensuring that you are capable to utilize the little space that you might have on your kitchen counter.

To make the sealing process much easier even for the first time users, the machine comes with 2 vacuum speeds to allow you choose the kind of speed that you would prefer. This feature also comes in handy as some of the foods would require a longer sealing time than others. Additionally, the unit also comes with a fully automatic operation that allows for easier sealing especially for those that might be doing this for the first time.

Among the harder foods that one has to deal with are the moist and liquid rich foods. To help you cope easily with these, the V3835 comes with a moist and dry food settings to allow for the best possible sealing which can be quite challenging especially for the moist foods. This is a feature that could also see you save up on the vacuum sealing bags owing to unsuccessful and bad seals that would force you to throw away the spoilt bags. It is also a feature that gives you more flexibility on how you can be able to use the vacuum sealer.

While having a moist and dry foods setting might seem to have everything that you would need covered in a vacuum sealer, there is more that you have to consider. These are the fragile foods that you would like to store in the same condition. This can be quite hard. This unit has a unique and stand out feature known as the CrushFree Instant Seal that ensures that you do not have to end up with your fragile foods crushed to a pulp for you to be able to store them. Instead, you can still have them the way you prepared them without having to worry about a thing.

Another quite captivating feature that is present is the roll holder. Not only does this save you the trouble of having to look for the roll every time you want to seal, it also ensures that you have a much easier time. There is also a bag cutter present and this combination offers for a better and much easier sealing experience.


There is quite a wide array of benefits that one stands to enjoy courtesy of the features that the Foodsaver V3835 vacuum sealer has to offer. These include;

The small and compact design that saves space on the counter making this a great addition even for those that might not have a very big kitchen.

A simple two step sealing process that makes the machine quite user friendly even for those that might using it for the first time.

The unit comes with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty which offers you assurance that you are making the right decision by choosing to buy this particular model.


The downside that most users might find quite a concern is the fact that this particular model uses about an inch extra when sealing which could mean that your roll might not last as long as you would want. Also, it is important to note that it makes resealing the bags quite a tedious task.

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