Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX Review: Is it Worth Buying Under $200?

Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX is a premium convertible car seat which is produced with e3 foam for better protection in case of side crashes. It has many versions the previous version of this seat is Evenflo Symphony 65 LX which only differs in one thing, it is without the e3 foam and the LATCH system differs in the two.

Evenflo Symphony is made with high side wings supported with the above mentioned e3 foam which is a very good safety feature if you use the car seat in a side position in your vehicle. In case you use the center position, which is considered to be the safest place of your car seat, because of obvious reasons, e3 has not much role in a side crash, but it makes riding even safer.

This model can be used either in rear facing position where the weight limit is 40 lbs or forward facing position with 5 point harness with the weight limit of 65 lbs and with 50 inches of maximum height. If you want to, you can use Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX in a booster mode with your vehicles lap/shoulder seat belt, in this mode the maximum weight is 100 lbs but it can only be used at least 3 years of age and with the minimum height of around 43 inches.

There are three recline position on the seat, one for the rear facing position and the other two for the forward facing position. In rear facing position the seat must be fully reclined and you can use the LATCH system to connect the seat to your vehicle easily and fast. SureLATCH is a quick and easy way of installing the seat in many types of vehicles but if you find it too much trouble or you can’t connect the seat with a maximum allowed 1 inch side-to-side and front-to-back movement just simply switch to the seat belt connection which is just as safety as this method.

The seat is made with energy absorbing foam which can absorb the energy in case of a crash preventing more serious injuries. Side crashes are the most dangerous types of crashes so this energy absorbing foam in Evenflow Symphony 65 DLX is a very good technology for keeping safe.

If you use the seat in front facing position you can use two ways of recline, the semi-reclined position and the full upright position. If your little one is between 40 lbs and 65 lbs you must use the full upright position. If you don’t have a clue which position you are in, it is easy to check because Evenflo gives you a graphic indicator on the side of the seat.

If your child is over 48 lbs of weight do not use lower LATCH anchor, use the seat belt instead in forward position, even if your vehicle has higher LATCH limit it is safer for your children. If you use the booster mode of the seat with seat belt you can use the LATCH system, and you must use the seat in a full upright position.

It fits to infants very well although infant insert makes it harder to position the child. However, this seat allows a relatively high maximum weight in every position, your child will outgrow it till he or she reaches the weight limit. In booster position the weight limit is very high, but if your child has a long torso the seat belt doesn’t properly fit.

The seat can be used on an aircraft, however, it is a little bit heavy to carry, but once you are on board you can use it with a 5 point harness. Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX has a good quality for its price and last but not at least its cover is machine washable.

Nothing has only good sides, let’s see the down sides of Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX. The first disadvantage I am going to list is that the seat is too wide, and this is a problem if you have more children and you want them to sit side by side.

Harness can twist if you don’t pay attention when loading or unloading, moreover they cannot be put anywhere when they are not needed. For example if you use the seat in booster mode you don’t need the harness, because the seat belt is enough, it would be good to have a pocket or storage where you can put the out-of-use harness when it’s not needed.

Booster mode is a very innovative and excellent feature but I think it is not yet outworked well, because the next disadvantage is connected to this mode. In booster mode the seat is not high enough therefore children with longer torso cannot use it properly.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Safe
  • Stylish


  • Bulky


All in all, this seat is a premium product with a lot of very high quality and innovative features and technologies that raise the level of safety and comfort. The disadvantages I have listed are not so serious that they could ruin the reputation of Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX, but if you want, you can take them into consideration.

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