Eberlestock Gunslinger 2 Review: Best Hiking Daypack Under $500

This is my review for my all time favorite backpack the Eberlestock Gunslinger 2. In the three years I have owned it this bag and I have been on many adventures, mostly hunting trips with the occasional hike rolled in. I have worn it while riding my motor cycle, taken it on many camping trips, and often use it as a shooting rest to sight in my rifles. The pack has an amazing combination of looks, functionality, and durability. Give this pack a chance and I am sure you will love it as
much as I do.

Who is this pack for

A quick google search for Eberlestock will result in images ranging from special forces guys with .50 caliber sniper rigs in the scabbard to hunters with bolt action rifles. You will find a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, and camo patterns. I chose the Gun Slinger 2 because of its dimensions, 2700 cubic inches it put it at just the size I was looking for. Also before buying this pack I read a bunch of reviews and nobody had anything negative to say about it.

My personal experience with the bag

First off this bag has a place for almost any rifle. I went through my safe stuffing one gun after another into it and couldn’t find one that wouldn’t fit. There are some minor exceptions such as if you have an AR15 with an optic mounted on top you will have to remove the magazine before fitting it into the pack. I mostly use this pack for hunting with my Ruger scout rifle and its 18 inch barrel pokes out of the scabbard a couple inches. In the heat of the hunting season I like to leave this pack ready to go loaded up with everything I would need to bag a buck at a moments notice.

Features that stand out

There are multiple features that stand out on the backpack. The scabbard comes with a cover you can buckle on to protect the butt stock of your rifle. It can also be folded up, tucked into the pack at the bottom, and secured by a buckle for carrying a shorter firearm or no firearm at all. The admin pocket on top has 2 magazine pouches, zippered pockets, a key holder, and pen and pencil slots. The main compartment has two pockets for hydration bladders as well as additional side pockets. If you still think you wont find a place for everything the entire bag, from head to toe, is covered in molle webbing including some panels on the inside so you shouldn’t run into a shortage of places to pack things. The straps on the outside allow you to compress the bag down, scabbard included, to make everything tight and prevent unwanted movement of your gear. Another really practical feature is that it top loads and has a zippered opening down the front of the main compartment so you can pick items out without having to empty  the entire pack.

Durability and reliability

Durability and reliability is another area where this pack really shines. It is a substantial piece of gear meant for carrying a substantial amount of gear and equipment effectively. All those lightweight, flashy colored hiking packs are OK if all your packing are tampons and granola bars. This pack is built to carry weight and the straps on the outside are extra long for attaching additional things to the bag. An unbelievable suspension system that is incredibly comfortable, strong, and adjustable holds it all together. A 1000 denier exterior shell stands up to abrasions and the abuse you will surely put it through.

Hunting. Tactical. End of the world. Zombie apocalypse

The one thing this bag does not do well is blend in. It looks militaristic especially in a camo pattern or a military color like OD green, desert tan, or dry earth. This pack is not made for carrying your books to school, this piece of gear designed for serious applications. So it you are looking for a bag you can count on the Eberlestock Gunslinger 2 might just be it.


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