Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer Review: Best Bottle Warmer Under $50

Bottle warmer is an extremely important for you, if you are a new parent or parent of infant. Choosing the best bottle warmer will allow you to spend more time with your new born baby then fussing over heating a bottle or cooling it down. It is the safest way of heating up the bottle for the baby and is quite fast too.

Imagine, hearing your baby cry in the middle of the night cause he or she is hungry. You need to heat the bottle and then go feed the child. However, if you have a bottle warmer you just use it to quickly heat the bottle within a few seconds and that too without any hassle.

Dr. Brown’ bottle warmer is currently the best bottle warmer in the market. Now, many parents believe that bottle warmers aren’t required at all and they are simply a waste of money, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Their argument is that a bottle of formula or breast milk can be easily warmed by other means as well, and they are correct.

But we are talking about new born babies here and we need to be extra careful about them. You need to manually choose the prefect temperature of the formula or the breastmilk or else you are putting your baby’s health at risk. That is the main reason why the botter warmer become much more important.

What makes it the Best Bottle Warmer?

Dr. Brown’s BPA free bottle is simple, light on pocket and loaded with some great features. Let’s have a quick look at them.

1. BPA Free

According to the latest researches, parents should use BPA free products only for their babies.

2. Handy and Light-weight

The product is quite lightweight, weighing only 2.9 pounds with dimensions 10 x 9.4 x 8.4 inches, ideal to carry while you travel.

3. Adjustable

The bottle warmer has been specially designed so that both your standard as well as wide neck bottles can fit.

4. Saves Time

It consists of a water chamber which is refillable. Hence, you can warm several bottles, one after the other before you need to refill. It saves a lot of time.

5. Ease of Use

LCD control panel is provided, which makes it extremely easy to set the timer and the temperature required. You can also check the time left before heating completed along with its current temperature with the help of the panel.

6. Audible Timer

You will love this audible timer feature of this bottle, especially, if you are a busy multitasking parent. After heating completed, it will notify you via an audible beep as well through a flashing LED to remove the bottle and insert the next one if required.

7. Auto shutdown

Auto shutdown feature present in the bottle warmer, which turns off the machine after it hasn’t been used for 10 minutes.


Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is one of the best bottle warmers in the market and is the most popular choice among new parents. So let’s take a look at its main advantages.

  • BPA stands for bisphenol A. It is a chemical which is used to make plastic containers mainly. Until a few years ago, BPA was mainly used to construct childcare products. But recent researches have shown that BPA might seep into the containers of the product, potentially putting the child’s health at risk. Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is completely BPA free, so you don’t need to worry about that problem.
  • The product is extremely lightweight making it easier for you to carry while travelling.
  • You can also sterilize other items using this product.
  • This product has been shown to help immensely in reducing feeding problems like spit-up, colic, gas and, burping, since the formula or the breastmilk can move freely anddoesn’t face any restriction like nipple collapse.
  • The warmer is extremely accurate. It will heat the bottle to the exact temperature that has been set.
  • The warmer also comes with an inbuilt memory, so that you can easily set the temperature required or the heating time for different sized bottles.
  • Most people who don’t own a bottle warmer use a microwave oven to heat the milk. But this is not healthy for your baby; you should never use the microwave to heat your baby’s milk, since microwave heating can lead to dangerous hotspots. This bottle warmer provides no such issues and is completely safe to use.
  • Its auto shutdown feature is extremely useful. You might forget to switch off the warmer after removing the bottle, probably because your baby is crying due to hunger and you don’t want to keep them waiting. Dr. Brown’s realized that this problem had to be addressed, so they introduced the auto shutdown feature which will turn off the machine after it has been inactive for 10 minutes at a stretch, thus saving electricity.


No product can have only advantages. Every product, even the best ones, has their fair share of disadvantages. Take a look at some of the main disadvantages of the Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer below.

  • There are certain flaws in the design of the bottle that are provided along with the bottle warmer. There is a gap between the top of the nipple and the cap. Some user noticed that upon vigorous shaking of the bottle, leakage occurs through that gap.
  • The product is not so durable and is prone to cracking when dropped.
  • The various parts of the product cannot be easily detached unlike some of the other top bottle warmers. As a result, you will experience difficulty in washing the bottle warmer.


There is no doubt that Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is one of the best bottle warmers. Its quick heating time, easy to use LCD panel along with the ability to set multiple heating times and temperatures for different sized bottle makes it a lucrative offer for new parents. On top of that, it is BPA free and doesn’t lead to dangerous hotspots too.

Though there are a few issues, but they are not a matter of much concern. Still due to its comparatively cheap price and great features, ultimately it is the best bottle warmer and definitely something you want. So don’t overthink, just order this magnificent bottle warmer that’s perfect for you and your baby. And you will be later grateful for making this decision.

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