Disney Umbrella Stroller Review: Best Umbrella Stroller Under $50

Umbrella strollers like the Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy provide the ultimate in mobility and infant transportation. It allows parents to get out and have fun in the outdoors, get on planes and other modes of public transportation with less fuss than a cumbersome, full-size pram.

True umbrella strollers collapse to a slim pole-like profile making them as compact as possible for tight storage areas. They do not have a lot of “bells and whistles,” most of them are simply a rolling seat for your baby, but all umbrella strollers need to be safe, and sturdy to be worthwhile, and the Disney Umbrella Stroller fits the bill in all of the ways that make umbrella strollers so popular amongst active parents.

Disney Umbrella Stroller Description

The Disney Umbrella stroller is a simple, yet attractive, stroller that has a whimsical and much loved figure that children adore emblazoned on the inside back rest. Mickey Mouse welcomes children and they love the colorful character almost as much as they do the comfortable, sling-style seat that cradles them as they travel with mom and dad. Some of the main features of the Disney Umbrella Stroller include:

  • 3-point safety harness
  • Padded handles
  • Breathable material
  • Compact, one-hand foldability
  • Attractive Disney character print

The seat is made of a breathable material that is strong enough for children up to 40 pounds, although some parents still use this handy stroller for much older and heavier children. It has a small canopy to keep sunlight off a toddler’s head for a cool and comfortable ride. The wheels are sturdy and the front two wheels swivel for easy maneuverability. The handles are covered for comfortable pushing whether you are just going from the house to the car, or if you are out for a 5-mile jog with baby.

Is the Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy Right for You?

People who need a lightweight stroller that can go anywhere and fit into the tightest spots will love the Disney Umbrella Stroller. It is one of the lightest in the category of the best umbrella strollers, and it collapses in towards the center for a more compact storing capability vs a stroller that folds flat. It works best for children who are able to sit up on their own, newborns may not have enough support from the mesh fabric seat.

The Disney Umbrella stroller is great for parents who want a very maneuverable stroller for jogging or long walks, however, there are no extra areas for storage, cup holders or trays. The lack of accessories may make for a less entertaining outing, but it allows this stroller to be easier to fit into small closets, trunks and overhead bins.

The handles of the stroller are high enough that anyone can push it without risking back pain and fatigue. It’s simple to fold up with one hand which is very handy when dealing with very small children and packing away a stroller in the car or other transportation.

Thoughts on the Disney Umbrella Stroller

I’ve used the Disney Umbrella stroller often when taking my baby out for a walk. It’s so easy to just pull it out, unfold it in a snap and get going. No fussing with extras, and it is super lightweight making it great when traveling. I do think it is a little vulnerable to bending or breaking, but that’s because of the super lightweight frame, so it’s an understandable tradeoff to not have to lug around a heavier stroller when I’m in a hurry or need to lift a stroller up into a storage area. My baby was always comfortable, and as he got older he really loved Mickey. The cute mouse character was an added incentive to get in and go for a ride.

Pros and Cons of the Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy

The biggest benefit of the Disney Umbrella stroller is the light weight. It’s only 8.5 pounds, and you will hardly feel it when lifting it up or carrying it. The mesh seat allows free airflow to make even the warmest days more comfortable, and the covered grips are easy on the hands.

On the downside, the lightweight frame may feel flimsy to some, but it is a matter of perspective. Know what you are looking for and understand the product and you won’t be disappointed. This isn’t a stroller made for heavy use, or carrying extra equipment. It doesn’t have cup holders and pockets, and the aluminum frame will bend if too much pressure is applied, or it is handled recklessly. However, it is hard to find any stroller this light that is any different.

The only real con I found with the Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy is the canopy. The stroller does have a bow cover that is meant to be a sun blocker, but it isn’t very deep, so it only provides protection for sun that is directly overhead.


If you live in a small home or apartment, need to be able to get in and out of buses, airplanes or other transportation quickly, or just want to be able to walk about the neighborhood without having to deal with a complicated stroller, the Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy is the perfect choice. It is a low-cost stroller that is comfortable for your baby and folds up very small to fit in tight spots easily.

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