Diono Radian RXT Review: Best Convertible Car Seat Under $300

Diono introduced this premium category car seat name Dion Radian RXT besides its normal car seat versions. This convertible car seat is a 3-in-1 model because it has a rear facing, forward facing, and booster position. Dino Radiant has 3 models, R100, R120 and the model we are dealing with now is Dino Radiant RXT. These three models own almost the same features but there are some that are different.

The car seat has a very high weight limit in rear facing position the maximum weight that the seat can be used with is 45 lbs, the forward facing position can be used between 20 and 80 lbs and the high shell booster position has maximum of 120 lbs of weight limit.

The Dino Radiant RXT provides a five point harness from 5 lbs to 80 lbs of weight. This high level of weight maximum makes it possible to use the seat longer before it’s changed to be a booster seat which is also possible with this seat.

The high shell and the high weight limit allows children to sit in rear facing position, which is the safest position while travelling according to the American Pediatrics Association, so you should use this position as long as possible. This seat makes it possible to do so.

There are two recline positions that can be used only in forward facing positions, when the seat is used in rear facing position it has to be used with separate recline foot. When the foot is adjusted no recline can be used.

Although Dion Radiant RXT is made with SuperLATCH connectors which are reportedly usable in forward facing position with the highest weight possible if your car is made after 2005, it is your choice to use it. However, booster seat position is good for using LATCH straps because it only holds the weight of the seat and not the child, because the child is supported by the seat belt of the vehicle. If you don’t use the LATCHES or tethers there is a holder on the top of the shell where you can store them. When using forward facing position and the child is between 20 and 40 lbs. SafeStop limiter must be attached. Not only Latches and tethers have storage holders but everything that can be removed from the seat so SafeStop has too. This is the paradise for moms who like when everything is in order.

The cover of the seat is easily removable but the producer advises that the covers should be washed by hand or in a front loaded washing machine. There is an infant cushion and a head padding included with Diono Radian RXT for the little ones. If you use the head padding you have to pay attention so that your baby’s head doesn’t fall forward, however, the infant cushion insert is nicely padded and it provides a great support for infants.

There are 4 slots for cup holders on the sides of the seat, which is crazy if you ask me, 4 cup holders for a baby seat? Anyway, the package only includes 1 cup holder that you can insert into one of the slots, if you need more you have to purchase them.

Another feature which is special about Diono Radain RXT, is that it has two expiry dates. If it is used as a car seat in rear facing or forward facing position, its expiry date is 8 years, but if it is used as a booster seat its expiry date goes up to 10 years.

The seat is certified to be used on airplanes. However, this seat is very heavy and if you want to use it on an airplane you need to hire a luggage cart to prevent yourself from carrying it. But once you are on board it is perfect for your children to sit in while travelling by air, because it is narrow enough to have a good place in the planes seat. Moreover, if you use it in a forward facing position you can turn the table of the airplane in front of the seat.

These were the advantages of the seat listed above, so let’s see the dark side of this seat. The biggest disadvantage of the seat is the weight, as I’ve already mentioned, it makes everything difficult if you don’t have more seats but you have more cars, so it’s not only trouble with air travelling.

The other downside of the seat is that the head wind doesn’t stay in place and once the harnesses are buckled they come down on the shoulders of the child which is very uncomfortable.

The booster position’s problem is that when children move in the seat the seatbelt becomes loose and doesn’t get tight again it is very dangerous because there is no protection for the children in case of a crash. But if you lock the retractor and the seatbelt is always tight not letting children move it is very uncomfortable for the little ones.


  • Very high weight and height ratings
  • Slim design.
  • Tether works both rear and front-facing


  • Can be difficult to install
  • Harness, straps can be difficult to adjust


All in all this car seat is a very good high quality seat and the pros beat the cons, so if you want to have a Dino Radian RXT go ahead and enjoy.

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