Diono Radian R100 Review: Best Convertible Car Seat Under $200

The car seat ranked number three on the top three-list of convertible car seats is the Radian R100 produced by Diono. It is one of the best convertible car seats because it is made with a solid steal frame which protects your baby from injuries in case of a car accident.

For additional safety Dino Radian R100 is made with aluminum reinforced sides and energy-absorbing harness. It can be installed in two ways, rear and back facing as all of the car seats on the market. If you are not sure about the safety of the car seat we can assure you that the seat had been tasted by professionals and it meets the Federal crash standard as well as NCAP standards which are to verify the performance of the car seat in severe accident situations. It’s been tested at the maximum weight rear-facing and back-facing also booster and it has been rated for ten years of life.

Another very big advantage of this car seat is that it can be made into a booster seat if your child grows up bust still needs a seat in the car to travel. The rear facing position is available from 5 to 40 pounds the forward facing position is good for children weighing 20 to 65 pounds while the booster seat can be used up to 100 pounds.

Your little one can feel really cozy in Dino Radian R100 from a very early age. It has a deep shell which makes the car seat very comfortable and it has a plush cloth surface which making the journey more enjoyable for kids. Leg support is also the part of the high quality convenience the seat owns. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, you can have a big SUV or jeep but this excellent car seat is perfect for smaller cars. It is slightly more than 200 hundred dollars but the very durable so where there are more children planned to be born it’s the best choice ever. And what’s more, this convertible car seat is narrow enough to be put 3 of them side by side, and it is a very big advantage for big families having 3 children who are not old or tall enough to be seated in the normal seats of the car

The SuperLATCH connectors are well tested for crashes up to the maximum weight of rear facing and forward facing positions. Cars equipped with LATCH connectors the seat can be installed in an easy and convenient way, moreover its rubber bottom part makes it impossible to move on the surface of the car seat while travelling.

Another very big positive side of the seat is that it is relatively low so the boarding of children is very easy and thanks to its slim design it is good for a big family because three of them has enough space in a car side by side on the back seat. So if you have triplets it’s the best choice you can make to make your children’s journey safe and comfortable.

If you have to transport the seat from place to place you will like this feature of this one, because it can be folded and this feature makes storing and transporting easier than ever. Last but not at least the seat can be used on airplane and this foldable feature makes boarding easier. You don’t have to mess with the bulky huge seats, just fold it and you can carry it easily where ever you may go. The problem with seat in this category is that they are wide and heavy but this seat is totally the opposite, so if you often travel with your baby by plane that is the best choice you can make.

It can’t be found in a wide variety of color combinations but the two varieties can match with every car interior with its reserved and not harsh colors.

After advantages let’s take a look at some disadvantages Dino Radian R100 owns. First and foremost, the biggest problem is with installation. Although I have stated earlier that with the SuperLATCH connectors, the seat can be installed easily and in a convenient way, I have to say that this is not always the case. You may find it difficult to install the seat sometimes, because it has a relatively low center of gravity and a narrow path for the tethers or the seatbelts, so it is difficult to put them through and tighten them.

Other problem is, which is a problem almost with every car seat is that the cover comes off easily, it is good if you want to wash them, but it can cause trouble when you don’t, moreover the harnesses must be unthreaded to remove it.


  • Very high weight and height ratings
  • Slim design fits three in a backseat
  • Tether works either rear- or front-facing
  • Attractive Design
  • Comfortable
  • Compact
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy


  • Can be difficult to install
  • Harness, straps can be difficult to adjust
  • Heavy


In conclusion I would say that even though the seat has some disadvantages the majority of features are very useful and positive. If you want a very reliable and well built and tested car seat which is foldable for better storage and transport, this is the car seat you are looking for.

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