Dakine Nomad Review: Best Bag for Cycling under $100

Biking is an outdoor activity that can be either a quick trip to the park and back or a day’s ride up the side of a mountain. If your excursions take you further away from home and certain conveniences that you need like water and a nutritious snack then the Dakine Nomad is the pack for you. It’s streamlined, durable and good looking too.

Dakine offers a number of products for various outdoor sports so the packs they offer are a quality product that can endure whatever the outdoors will dish out. If the pack gets dirty, which if you are riding on a dirt path it will, it can be hand washed. Take care when washing; if washed incorrectly you could void the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty by the way is a 2-year limited warranty that covers the basic wear and tear of their products.

If you are going to be gone for several hours, there are some things that you will want to take with you but since you have no storage on your bike you must rely on your pack. The major concern here is if you have enough room. You also need to limit the weight that the pack carries. These problems can be resolved with the Nomad.

The Dakine Nomad is available in two styles. One is the Nomad and the other is the Nomad – AC Series. Both are rugged and made with the high standards that Dakine has set for all of their products. Both packs run about the same in cost which is about a hundred bucks. The Nomad is available in several colors and sizes while the Nomad – AC has one.

Some other necessary and useful features that both the Dakine Nomad and Nomad – AC have in common are:

• Air Channel Ventilation on the back panel
• Armor carry straps
• Full face/XC helmet pocket
• Fleece lined pocket for your sunglasses
• Internal organizer pockets
• Padded pocket for your MP3
• Removable sturdy waist belt
• 100oz/3L water reservoir with a Quick Disconnect hose

Both the Dakine Nomad and the Nomad – AC are streamlined with their sizes both being 18.5in x 9in x 7in (47cm x 23cm x 18cm). The total cargo room is 1100 cubic inches or 18 Liters(It has options for larger sizes as well). This is a lot of space, enough that you can take along pants and jacket and even straps for armor if needed. The inside pockets are useful too; one is even deep enough to hold a tire pump. The only downside is that one of the smaller inner pockets that zips, zips form the bottom up. This can be a little frustrating especially if you have to take stuff out to unzip the pocket.

The total dry weight is 2pounds (.9kg) each which realistically, for all the cargo room, is not a lot which is great for the ride as the weight won’t be a burden on your shoulders or back. In regards to the material that both packs are made of, this is where the difference comes in. For the Nomad it is made of 630D nylon and 1260D Ballistic nylon. The Nomad – AC is made of 630D nylon and 600D polyester. This material is heat resistant and very durable.

The Dakine Nomad is the perfect pack for those longer excursions in which a small blanket and lunch can be stashed inside the room cargo area. There is sufficient hydration too. With the durability and great looks, this pack is a must have.

Not everyone likes to bike though and not everyone is looking for a hydration pack. If you simply want a  stylish bag that will fit all your necessities check out our favorite –  Dakine Messenger bag.

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