Dakine Heli Pro Review: Best Backpack for Skiing under $100

The Dakine Company has been producing high quality products for years and this pack is no exception. It has tons of cargo space and it can even carry your gear. Designed to hold a sufficient amount of supplies while you play in the snow all day, the Dakine Heli Pro is a pack you can’t go wrong with. It looks great and is functional too.


There is a Heli Pro for both the guys and the girls so that no one is left out with this great pack. There are 8 color options for the guys and 5 for the girls. Whether you snowboard or ski, this pack can handle it; the pack is just as serious as you are on the slopes.

Many of the features for the Dakine Heli Pro for the guys are the same on the girls. Although, there are several features on the girls’ pack that are geared towards their smaller frame compared that of a guy’s; one difference is that the harness is contoured. Another difference is that the guys’ pack will hold most 15” laptops and the girls’ will fit most 14″ laptops. This particular difference is because the girls’ pack is smaller and lighter than the guys’ pack.

The difference in the size of the pack is also important because typically a girl’s frame is smaller than that of a guy’s. The girl’s pack measures 20in x 11in x 5.5in (51cm x 28cm x 14cm) while the guy’s pack measures 21in x 11in x 5.5in (53cm x 28cm x 14cm). This makes the girl’s pack smaller with a total volume of 1100 cubic in. (18L) and the guy’s is 1200 cubic in (20L). The final difference due to body size is the girl’s weighs 1.9lbs (.9kg) and the guy’s weighs 2lbs (20L).

The features noted below are the same for the guys’ pack and the girls’ pack. The same high quality materials and care have been used to construct both. The question is does one get the upper hand over the other on the slopes?


• Diagonal ski carry
• Hydration compatible
• Non-padded laptop sleeve located in the interior of the pack
• Organizer pocket on the lower outside of the pack
• Padded waist belt to ensure the pack stays snug to body
• Vertical snowboard carry

For a high quality pack that is large enough to hold pants and a jacket plus be durable with the 600D polyester and great looking all at the same time can only be accomplished by Dakine. The Dakine Heli Pro runs about $85.00 which is a great buy for all of the features that are standard. Spending the day on the snow can be a lot of fun and also a lot of work and your pack has to withstand that too.

Having a Dakine Heli Pro on your back will give you the confidence to do what you do and be the best you can be. Knowing that your stuff is safe and secure is a great feeling. Isn’t it time to get your hands on a Dakine?

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