Dakine Heli Pack 12L Review: Best Backpack for Skiing under $75

Trying to find a bag, a pack or a carrying case of some kind to hold the things you need can be a challenge. You don’t want to have to make do with something that’s not going to work when you really need it to. If you are into snowboarding or skiing then the Dakine Heli Pack is the only pack you need.

dakine Heli Pack

Designed as a winter pack, this low-profile classic pack is functional and versatile. The Dakine Heli Pack measures at 20in x 10in x3in / 50cm x 25cm x 8cm so it will fit the guys more comfortably (don’t worry girls, there are Heli packs for you too). For everything that this pack can do, it only weighs 2lbs / .9kg and is made out of a durable 600D polyester.

So it’s a backpack, big deal. Well, the big deal is that it’s not just a backpack. It can carry a snowboard vertically, and it can also carry retractable cable ski but just not at the same time. As mentioned earlier, this is a versatile pack.

Versatility doesn’t end there. To add in a bonus for those who love the snow, the Heli Pack also has an Insulated Hydro Sleeve. This is a unique feature that will keep you from heading back early just to get hydrated.

The Insulated Hydro Sleeve is found on the left shoulder strap. This special sleeve holds a line called the Quick Disconnect Hose that is attached to either a 70ounce/2Liter or a 100ounce /3Liter reservoir. This reservoir is kept in an insulated pocket inside the pack. The Quick Disconnect Hose is inserted through the special sleeve and the end of the line is on your front shoulder strap hose clip. So while you are taking a break, you can put your goggles into the fleece lined pocket until you are ready to head out again.

The Heli Pack, just like all other Dakine bags, is really an awesome pack. The cargo room holds up to 660 cu in/12L of whatever else you might need. A perfect pack for a day spent on the snow.

If your pack goes everywhere with you it will need eventually need to be cleaned. You can wash your pack. Care must be taken when washing otherwise you could void the warranty. Turn your pack inside out and hand wash it in cool water with a gentle detergent. If this is unsuccessful, use a front loader washing machine on the gentle cycle. If you have to use a top loading machine, first insert your pack into a pillow case or a mesh bag before washing (otherwise the straps could get caught on the center post). To dry, place your pack in a warm and shady area. Direct sun may fade the pack.

The number of lines that the Dakine Company offers is quite wide and offers products that do double or triple duty or products that do just one thing. If you need to invest in a pack and a cooler and a carry case, consider a Dakine Heli Pro. And just to make sure everything is covered, there is a two-year limited warranty which covers normal wear and tear. Whether you are spending time in the snow in North America or in Switzerland, the Dakine Heli Pack should be your next pack on your back.

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