Cold Steel Spartan Knife Review: Best Folding Knife Under $100

The Cold Steel Spartan knife is not just a knife. This is the legend of legends. Taking the Spartan into hands you realize that you are in the hands of true power. Reliability in all its manifestations. The Spartan from Cold Steel is a fun and very sturdy folding or pocket knife.

Cold Steel Spartan`s Lock

This is one of the most powerful Tri-Ad-Lock in the line of Cold Steel. The lock withstand the load on the addition of more than 100 kilograms. At the same time the knife had opened the forward and reverse stroke.

Cold Steel Spartan`s Handle

The handle is lined with steel, creating a very strong, solid feel and none of the tinniness of only fiber-reinforced nylon. The handle has a firm, stippled texture, and grip is accentuated with eleven lateral grooves. I’m not worried about my hand slipping after a few minutes of working with the knife. Of course, the handle’s shape is unique, with a recurve at the pommel, and most hands should fit this securely. The forward and rear edges within the handle have been rounded, and even the sharper edges along the blade housing are sufficiently dulled to make for a comfortable grip for extended periods, if needed. The fact that you’re hand sunk into the handle and the end a little back, makes you the knife never falls out of your hands or sliding.

Thick blade and handle is inside of steel, very hard plastic exterior with solid ribbing. The fact that you’re hand sunk into the handle and the end a little back, makes you the knife never falls out of your hands or sliding.

Cold Steel Spartan`s Blade

The blade is shaped so that you can cut with a knife at any angle. The Cold Steel Spartan blade is big and impressive.

I read in other reviews that some people cut themselves while getting used to the knife. Um, the blade is sharp, so be careful when closing it, dummy! I also read a complaint about rust. Yes, the steel in this knife will rust, especially when exposed to water and sweat.

I noticed rust spotting on the blade after carrying it concealed in my front waistband after a long, hot summer day, so I applied a little oil and some elbow grease, and the rusting was removed and hasn’t reappeared. Like any blade, it’s a good idea to apply a light coat of oil to it. I like the muted, satin finish of the blade, too, as a bright finish might be too imposing for this folder’s appearance, at least for my tastes.

Blade is from factory extremely sharp, stainless AUS 8A steel so always proceed with caution when you close folds,  fine for regrinding.

Cold Steel Spartan`s Conclusions

  • Pro: Strong, big, sharp, reliable, very good design.
  • Con: When you out pick pocket, the tab that you want with the thumb unfold, sometimes continue to falter.
  • Overall: An incredible Tactical Knife that carries like an EDC but handles like a Khukuri! The Ergonomics are the best I’ve seen for any knife.

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