Cold Steel Recon 1 Review: Best Folding Knife Under $150

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto Knife Review

This is an ambidextrious knife, comes in with attached for right handed use but you will find in the box an left handed clip which you can exchange if you need to. It`s a mid lock design, they called it a Tri-Ad locking sysem, it has a special design that Coldsteel used. This one has a plain blade.

The handle of Cold Steel Recon 1

The handle is made out of G10, if you don`t know what G10 is, it is a composite material composed of woven fiberglass cloth with an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant (self-extinguishing) and it is very durable. This knife does not have an insert in the handle, of alluminum or stainlenss steel, it`s all just G10 and it is very rigid which is a great plus. Keeps it very lightweight.

The blade of Cold Steel Recon 1 Knife

The blade has 4 inches, which is kinda nice, very nice long blade is you are into that. The 4 inches long blade puts the Coldsteel recon in the category of tactical use knives, you have the oppportunity to defense yourself from wild animals or humans, although it could cut throu everything.
It is made out of Japanese Aus 8A Stainless w/ Black Tuff-Ex Finish so it is very strong, very durable. And the edge is beautiful sharp.

Other details

Overall, when it is open, the cold steel recon 1 tanto is 9 3/8″ lenght. It weight 5.2 oz, which is not heavy but it is not light either, it`s somewhere in the middle.

The handle has an aluminum spacer, which is very nice because it adds a little extra rigidity if you use it to strike with, if you need to do that.

The Good:

  • this knife is good lenghted knife, closed or opened – the blade is good lenght
  • the weight to lenght ratio is very good: it is lightweight, it is a bigger knife and it is very durable so this is a good thing. Cildsteel talks about how strong and how durable are their knives.
  • the handle itself made out of G10 it`s got a really nice, aggressive gripping on it, you can almost file your nails with it, it is so aggressive and we like that :). You`ll not gonna lose it from your hand. As I said to you earlier about it being ambidextrious, but you need to setup it in order to be ambidextrious, which is fine.
  • Sharp: it is sharp out of the box. It does say on the box: “Caution! Extremely sharp knife. Handle with care at all times.” And they are not kidding.
  • Very strong and durable.
  • It looks cool!

The Bad:
For some of us it is a very fiddicult to use as a one-handed knife. The triad lock mechanics that they have, not only it will lock open to be durable strong – which is very strong as it is a solid blade knife opposed to a folder- but the bad thing is it is not a one-handed knife. If you are on the field and have this tactical knife you have to keep your fingers out of the way. It is hard to open one-handed. But you can if you are careful and you practice with it. Also getting it close takes two hands.If you are going to buy this knife practice in a safeway with opening it and closing it and be sure you will not hurt yourself.

Aggresive grip: that was a good thing, I enjoyed that, but there is a bad side to it also, this aggressive grip goes right underneath the clip and when you will putt it out your pants could get damage your pants. You can put a gap to it.


Overall I really like this knife, and you will be glad to have this Coldsteel Recon 1 knife. Very sharp, good lenght, tactical use, very good for selfdefense and not only for that, you can use it as a survival knife also. Cool knife! The Recon 1 folding knife by Cold Steel is a tank of a knife.

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