Cold Steel Kukri Machete Review: Best Machete Under $50

Who waits for the next zombie hunting or wants to beat through a jungle, will come to a powerful tool like: the Cold Steel Kukri Machete. The Cold Steel brand  is known for its often extraordinary knife, that it has in the program. tested it for you.

Kukri Machete (also called Khukuri ‘s) have a great history in the military service of Nepal and India. With Survival and Preparedness in the scene they are becoming increasingly popular. Why? First, they are built very sturdy, secondly very top heavy. The latter brings us to the contrary knives machetes at the advantage that much more impact energy is to pick up (which probably is not too bad at zombies). A tribe you through it almost as fast as with a similarly heavy ax. But the biggest selling point of the machete is their versatility. You can beat it, chop, hammer, pry, cut, move through the undergrowth and much more.

The Cold Steel Kukri Machete consists of 1055 medium carbon steel. A material that is often used with swords and machetes. It is a very tough, durable steel, which is to get not small. The sharpness is poor when unpacking. Of course, a machete does not need to be as sharp as a knife, but a bit more could have been. The handle is solid, it is full tang, 1055 carbon spring tempered steel makes for an extremely durable blade that will virtually never break

The handle is made of polypropylene plastic , which will be on this earth longer than us. The kukri makes an indelible impression, which on first outdoor operations that opinion has not changed. Its herringbone pattern is very slip resistant and easy to grasp even with gloves. There are certainly more comfortable handles, because it is not very shock absorbent and you really feel every blow. But it works anyway with gloves… A loop on the end gives the possibility to integrate a string – as a safety strap.

The supplied Cordura sheath is very sturdy, lined with plastic and also black color. Unfortunately, there is an attachment and is a vertical belt loop. Here were a few more loops, production costs also not driven up (Made in South Africa), the customer would have more of it.

Cold Steel Kukri Machete Review conclusion

An indestructible machete for rigorous outdoor use. The $20 in USA or 30 euros in Europe are invested well, the kukri is no cheap China impression and proved to be a tool. The sheath could be more versatile. We know that sometimes it does matter the length: here you get 18″ for around $22 or 30 euros(if you are in Europe). That’s a fine price for a versatile tool .

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