Cold Steel Espada Review: Best Survival Knife Under $500

Cold Steel Espada Knife history

Espada is the Spanish word for sword. In the 16th Century a group of men fled the impoverished Extremadura region of northwestern Spain and sailed to America. Nowadays, there is not much that you could conquer with the sword, but the fascination for these ancient swords is unbroken. With the Cold Steel Espada has absorbed as much of the original substance and a folding knife with a very own appearance, but manufactured with the latest technology, transposed. The Espada wins certainly no prize for political correctness, but exerts a fascination that can be hard to resist.

Cold Steel Espada Knife Review

The knives from Cold Steel Espada series are available in three sizes.  Despite its size, this folding knife is amazingly well balanced. They have an upward clip point blade and are ideal for cutting , slotting, and piercing. The blades are made of tempered AUS 8A stainless steel, have a hollow grind and a very sharp cutting edge. For a perfect handle this folding knives were equipped with an advanced pistol grip. The handle is strongly curved and has several openings . The two larger models even come with an extended handle .

In order to minimize the overall weight and to increase the strength and stability of the handles 7075 were prepared. Although this is somewhat expensive, it is titanium in terms of strength in every way and is years of exposure. Frames and handles were provided with high-gloss black . All Espada swords were equipped with the much -patented Tri-Ad lock. If necessary, the Espada is quick and easy to open.

The deep recessed grips with the Subhilt offer a variety of handle options, far from preconceived handle for fine cutting work to handle at the rear, for effective chopping and greater range. The Tri – Ad Lock offers enormous reserves in this model, so that such inserts are tucked away from the Espada without complaint.

The scales of grippy G-10 on solid steel blanks and the stunning curves of the blade make the unique charm of the Espada. Even when wearing a “pocket sword” at first glance not necessarily seem sensible: you will be surprised by the practicality and the extraordinary potential of the Espada. The Tri-Ad lock, a patent from Cold Steel, is a further development of the proven back-lock. In identical operation, the Tri-Ad Lock differs by an additional blade stop bolt which ensures that forces occurring are not guided in the lock, but are absorbed by the plates of the blade. In addition to the special geometry of the components ensures that the bolt can move in wear and so compensates for any tolerance would otherwise occur. This construction ensures maximum safety and durability and raises the Tri-Ad lock significantly higher than many other locking mechanisms beyond.

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