Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill Review: Best Pellet Grill Under $500

This is by the far the most easiest pellet grill to clean. Other than that it offers commendable bbq features and decent construction, resulting in a solid package for grilling enthusiasts.

Digital Control

Like other pellet smokers this comes with digital temperature control. You also get two smoke controls, low and high along with other temperature options giving you greater control.

It has a dual temperature display, and also provides temperature of the food. So if you are searing a rib, you don’t need an additional thermometer and cooking rare meats would be far simpler.

Cooking Surface and Hassle free cleaning

First up the hopper capacity is of 18 pounds and with a grilling area of 19.5 x 22 inches, you can easily grill large portions. It also has an additional warming rack, that can be used to de-freeze or heating up something.

The drop down cleaning system, drains down most of the grease and you can easily clean the cooking surface. You can also take apart most components to clean them separately. Also it does a fine job with ash management, so the quality of smoke remains the same throughout.


Even though the quality of the smoke remains the same throughout, the hopper burns through pellets fairly quickly. Even though it has a capacity of 18 pounds, you might need a some extra pellets for refill while cooking for longer durations. Also the material used for lid is a major disappointment and we recommend to use some hand precaution when the temperature is higher than 400 degrees Fahrenheits.

To sum up, it combines excellent smoke technology with innovative grease management design. With easy installation and free shipping it is quite a steal at it’s price.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pellet Grill

Pellet grills manage to provide the distinct wood flavor to your food. They use pellets as a major fuel source and also rely on electricity for digital control.

Before you consider the features of the grill, you need to first determine the use.

Hardcore grilling – If you have a large family or enjoy barbecuing, then a pellet grill with a large cooking surface and accurate temperature control will serve you well. They are generally large in size and come with sturdy construction. However they are not that portable and cooking smaller portions can lead to wastage of fuel.

Occasional Grilling – If you have a small family or grill occasionally then you are better of with a pellet grill having a small cooking area. They consume lesser quantity of pellets. They are portable and you can carry them with you while camping.

Here are the top features you need to look for in a pellet smoker.

  1. Temperature Control – This is the most important aspect of a pellet grill. Most pellet smokers today have digital temperature control and you can choose from different temperature settings. A good pellet grill however maintains the temperature and the smoke is spread throughout the grill. This results in throughly cooked food with a distinct smoky flavour of the wood.
  2. Convenience – Most pellet grills are convenient when compared to traditional charcoal or gas grills, but some manage to take it to the next level. Few pellet grills, offer complete control over temperature, so you don’t need to stand and constantly check the grill. An easy cleaning experience also increases the convenience. Finally portability in small pellet grills, can increase their value for the user.
  3. Build – Finally the construction of the grill helps you determine the durability. A good grill should use high gauge metal (mostly stainless steel) for extended life. The quality of the cooking surface and design to spread the smoke is also considered in the build.


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