Bugera V5 Infinium Review: Best Combo Amp Under $250

The Bugera V5 Infinium is a beautiful sounding tube amp at an extremely low price. While not packed with additional features, it does the basics extremely well and sounds beautiful.


A full warm sounding amp with sparkling clean sounds, right through to nice crunchy distortions.


Only very basic controls. It excels at tone, not features and that’s perfectly acceptable when an amp sounds this good.


Essentially an all tube amp for under $250. Exceptional value.

Extremely loud

  • Still small enough to be considered very portable
  • A tube amp for less than $250
  • Sounds great clean or with extra gain
  • The controls could be more responsive
  • Lacks effects.

It really is crazy to think you can purchase a tube amp for under $250 that sounds this great. For all the details check out our Bugera V5 Infinium review below.

Sound Quality

This amp produces a beautiful warm, classic rock/blues tone without any real effort at all and it’s obvious this is where this amp is most comfortable. It’s not suited to metal, at least if you are going running directly into the amp.

For those unfamiliar with a power attenuator, this essentially means you can play the amp at the full 5 watt setting or pull it back to 1 watt or even .1 watt.

This might seem like overkill to some especially when you consider in reality this is a 5 watt mini amp but remember this is a loud mini amp!! (Tube amps are traditionally very loud and this is no exception).

If used in it’s intended environment e.g. the bedroom or even the studio the power attenuator is a very useful addition and allows you to overdrive the amp without deafening those around you.

Interestingly the Bugera V5 really holds it’s tone nicely when pushed and although only an 8 inch speaker there is no excessive noise or crackle which you may be familiar with in a typical mini amp or small practice amp.

Metal or heavy rock players won’t get a lot of joy from the gain control for the most part which really doesn’t drive things as much as you might expect.​

Build Quality

Purely based on first impressions one can’t help but be impressed by the cool retro style on display (2 tone vinyl) and obvious solid construction, which becomes increasingly obvious by the deceptively heavy weight of this amp.

While the look of the Bugera V5 is fairly simplistic there is quite a bit more going on underneath the hood as we will cover. The amp itself is not large by any means and purely based on size is ideal as a bedroom practice amp but is reasonably heavy at just over 11kg or 24.7 pounds which is not going to trouble you too much but it’s weight does defy it’s relatively small frame.​

INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology

This features essentially extends the life of your tubes by up to 20 times. It does this by monitoring the performance of your tube continuously and pushes it maintains an even distributed load.​

Bugera V5 Mods

Because the Bugera V5 is a basic tube amp for the most part, and very simple to work with (for those with some experience) it’s ideal for mods and additions and the overall quality of tone can be expanded on depending on just how far you want to take things.

It’s also more than ideal right out of the box but those who like tweaking things further will find this amp quite easy to work with.​

Features and Specifications​

  • ​2 tone vinyl casing
  • 5 Watt
  • 8 inch speaker
  • 1 X Power & 1 X Preamp Valve
  • ReverbPower Attenuator (1 Watt and .1 Watt)
  • Vintage EQ
  • Line/headphone Out


  • ​Gain
  • Tone
  • Volume
  • Reverb

Dimensions & Weight

  • ​24.7 pounds (approx. 11kg)
  • 16.9 x 11.5 x 17.1 inches (approx. 42cm X 29cm X 43cm)

Customer Comments

​The Bugera V5 Infinium is a seriously great sounding amp but don’t just take out word for it. Below is a sample of what customers are saying:

I’ve tried it out with all of my guitars now and it sounds amazing with all of them, from vintage single coils to hot humbuckers to Filtertrons and P-90’s.

A fine little amp with more output than you’d think from five watts. Cosmetically it’s exceptionally well done. Tone was quite dark with the stock tubes, even with the tone control maxed for treble.

Hell of a 5 watt amp. Attenuator is super nice even on 1 watt setting!

I should have paid more attention to previous reviews. This little amp has a rich full tone and awesome workmanship…If you can get by the rattles. I can only assume it was the tubes. The rattles were predictable by frequency.


This is a super responsive guitar amp and really brings out the nuances of your playing which is fairly typical of a tube amplifier. The actual controls however aren’t overly responsive.

The tone control is very subtle indeed and the gain isn’t overly dynamic but this is a small price to play for what is essentially an all tube amp for under $200.

It is rumoured that the first full run of these amps had some technical issues, which apparently have now been completely rectified so do bear this in mind if you find any older reviews as this really is a fantastic amp and comes highly recommended.

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