Alesis SR18 Review: Best Drum Machine Under $300

How about playing the drums without a drum set? Well, not literally playing the drums but producing those massive drum beats with just a small kit. There are a lot of times when I wanted to experiment with different rhythms and beats outside of my drum kit – and that’s where Alesis SR18 Drum Machine gets into the picture.

Although it is a drum machine, it is not necessarily just for drummers. It’s one cool music gadget for any musicians. Whether you are a guitarist who wanted to jam along with a drum machine or a DJ who wants to get a party pumping with those beats. No special musical instrument skills needed to go along with Alesis SR 18.

Portable Beat Creation

I like to get around a lot to hang out with friends and go to parties. The Alesis SR18 Drum Machine is perfect for rhythmic people, like me, who are always on the go. This cool little drum machine weighs just a little over a pound and is no bigger than a laptop computer, but it packs in more beats, bass sounds and rhythm than you can imagine.

Here are some of the nicest things about this portable drum machine from Alesis:

  • There are 500 pre-programmed percussion sounds
  • The 12 velocity pads are sensitive to the touch and deliver the right drum tone according to how you hit them
  • Nice Back-lit LCD lighting makes it easy to play in low light settings, like clubs
  • 50 bass sounds to put together full grooves
  • Awesome effects, including reverb, compression and full EQ control

A  Flexible Drum Machine

I spend a lot of time with this drum machine putting together Hip Hop drum beats, but I’m not limited to that. You can get really creative with all of the percussion sounds that are built into the Alesis SR18 Drum Machine. You could get wild and crazy with some country music, rock, jazz, or down and dirty with some low-end funk music. The electronic samples make it possible to take your musical aspirations in any direction you want.

Figuring out all of the pre-sets and tech stuff was a bit of a stretch for me, but I got used to it. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be a computer programmer, but it does take a little bit of doing before you get used to it. Learning the ins and outs is a small price to pay for portable percussion creations that sound like they came out of an LA music studio.

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