Alesis DM6 Review: Best Electronic Drum Set Under $500

Are you new to drums, and wish to invest in an electronic drum set before you move on to the real stuff? Or could it be that you’re a rock star-level drummer, but just want to keep the neighbors from marching up to your lawn every time you display your prowess? Whatever the reason, you’ll definitely be looking for an electronic drum set that has good sound quality, great responsiveness and is easily adjustable. And here, we’ll show you what embodies these characteristics: the Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set.

Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set – Overview

The Alesis DM6 Performance Electronic Drum Set is THE drum set for beginners who are looking for an affordable electronic drum set to begin their drumming career! This set includes a drum module – the main core of the kit.

The drum kit is a god-send to any fledging drummer trying to prove his or her mettle – it is easy to set it up, and you can arrange every piece in any order you want. Each part also includes a clamp that connects anywhere on thealuminum racks plus an extra second clamp that allows you to change the angle of any piece. It has two strong and well-built pedals, one use for the bass kick and another for the high hat.

The Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set has regular jacks like 1/8″ headphones, 1/8″ stereo, 1/8″ mix in and USB for trigger – to – MIDI interface. Plug your headphones in, and you’ll be drumming through the night without waking up the whole neighborhood!

Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set’s Amazing Percussiveness

This particular drum set sounds almost like a normal set of drums – the resemblance is almost spooky. Whenever you hit one of the drum pads, a light flashes on the DM6 module. The drumpads are rubberized, absorbing most of the noise from the hit. The exceptions are the cymbal and high hat pads, which are not rubberized to give it a more authentic feel when you strike it. What’s more, the electronic drum set contains 10 pre – programmed kits and provides 5 customizable kits. Each of the kits is quite unique in their own way and gives you a unique, head-banging percussivebeat.

Alesis DM6 Performance Electronic Drum Set’s Pressure Sensitivity

One great thing about the Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set’s drum pads is they are pressure-sensitive – the harder you slam your drumsticks into the pads, the louder the sound produced! This sensitivity to pressure is definitely one of the main selling points of the Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set

Over three decades, Alesis had been helpful in realizing the dreams of musicians, producers and audio engineers. The Alesis DM6 Performance Electronic Drum Set is just one big leap in providing a reliable drum set for the fledging drummer who wishes to get their feet wet, and the drums enthusiast who just doesn’t want the police to stop by during the dead of the night because of his or her wonderful time-keeping abilities.

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