Adidas Power Perfect II Review: Best Weightlifting Shoes Under $150

Olympic lifting shoes are designed to provide the mechanics and leverage you need to perform optimally when performing squats, along with Olympic lifts such as clean and jerks and snatches. Olympic (or Oly) shoes are not built like a normal trainer. The first difference you’ll notice is the raised heel. This allows you to get better mobility in your ankles. You’ll also be able to achieve better squat depth.

The sole of the shoe is typically constructed of a hard material that will not compress when you are lifting several hundred pounds of resistance. The last thing you want is to be squatting in squishy soled shoes that lack stability. With a solid sole you can generate much more force to drive directly through the floor.

The Adidas Power Perfect 2 has a raised heel of 3cm (1.25 inches). This provides an ideal angle from which to balance while squatting, while allowing you to comfortably squat below parallel. The sole of the Adidas Power Perfect ii is completely flat. This allows the shoe to rest completely on the floor with no raise at all. When you’re lifting heavy weights in the gym, you need that 100% contact to be able to derive maximum force as you push through the floor. These shoes will firmly plant you on the ground. Once you are set up, you won’t be moving or wobbling. This provides the peace of mind of knowing that your form won’t be compromised. They allow you to handle the weight well and they do not compress under pressure.

The Power Perfect 2 has a rigid mid-sole construction. That’s important. You don’t want any mid foot lateral movement while push up when coming out of the squat and this shoe will ensure that both feet remain tight. There is a slight flex in the toe area, but that will not impede performance.

As with most Oly shoes, the Adidas Power Perfect is not comfortable to walk around in. They are specifically designed to wear when under the heavy iron. For that reason, you’ll want to wear your normal trainers to the gym and change into your Adidas lifting shoes prior to doing the big lifts.

The Adidas Power Perfect 2 features a synthetic upper for durability and lightweight support. The breathability factor is enhanced by way of an air mesh collar and air mesh lining. The shoe braces around your foot by way of a hook and loop instep strap. This double mechanism provides great rear-foot stability, which is crucial to enabling maximum power output. There are plenty of shoe-lace eyes, meaning that you can easily adjust the tension in the laces.

Expectations of the Power Perfect ii

Your Adidas weight lifting shoes are going to last for years and years. At a price point of around under $150, they represent good value for money if you use them as they are meant, that is as an exclusive Oly lifting shoe. The Adidas Power Lift is a less expensive shoe.

A key difference between the two shoes is that The Power Perfect 2 has a more rigid sole, while the Power Lift is prone to a measure of compression. The AdiPower has an even harder heel. If you are squatting with weight in the 500 pound plus range you’d be better off paying more for the AdiPower. If not, then the Power Perfect will be ideal for you.

The Adidas Power Perfect 2 comes in only one color match – white, black and red. They look smart and stylish but the limited color option is a slight drawback for this shoe. Unlike many other Oly shoes, the Power Perfect fits true to size, so you don’t have to worry about going up or down a half size to get the right fit. Just go with the exact same size as your favourite pair of trainers. That being said, the Adidas Power Perfect ii does provide a rather narrow fit, which means that people with wider feet will have to purchase a half size bigger than normal.

The Adidas Power Perfect 2 will provide you with a very rigid, stable Olympic lifting shoe that provides the right heel height and an ideal mid sole firmness and foot plantation. It is, therefore, a solid, mid range shoe. The only drawbacks are the limited color range and the narrow mid shoe width.

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